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Our Results Focused Training System
10 Components of Fitness x 4 Workouts Per Week
10.4 Fit offers a dynamic program that integrates the 10 Components of Fitness, providing an enjoyable and effective approach suitable for individuals of all fitness levels. Push yourself to your maximum potential four days a week alongside our vibrant fitness community, and see real results!
Irrespective of your current fitness level, by completing a minimum of four weekly workouts, adhering to our personalised meal plans, and engaging in the necessary recovery activities, you will enhance your strength, reduce body fat, improve cardiovascular fitness, and minimise the risk of injuries.
We recognise, as should you, that exercise alone is insufficient to attain the results you diligently strive for and genuinely deserve. This understanding propels us to adopt a distinctive approach at 10.4 Fit.
We’re all about the community
Push yourself to your limit and have fun while you do it!
10.4 FIT is so much more than a gym or just a place to workout! We’re a fitness community that stands together, we encourage each other, and we’re bound by the belief that consistency, hard work and positivity is the key to a better life.
Our sessions are different. It’s not good enough to just work hard… You’ve gotta work smart also! That’s our difference.

Why choose us?


Community – Feel the vibe and share your energy!
With a fun and encouraging training environment, 10.4 FIT is equal parts fitness and fun. Join our fitness community to see what it’s like to supercharge your results

Fit Tech

We put the latest in fitness innovation to practical use to give our community structure in training, nutrition and in-session physiological feedback. From our 10.4 FIT App with numerous fit-tech integrations to our cellular InBody composition scanner, we have you covered.


Our training system is all about accountability. You’ll not only be accountable to your trainers, but you’ll also be accountable to the people you exercise with. We’re in this together and your success is the communities success and vice versa!


When it comes to seeing immediate and lasting results, good nutrition, a scientifically based training plan, and consistency are essential. 10.4 FIT gives every member two free personalised nutrition plans, a periodised training program and regular InBody scans, to make sure you’re reaching your goals.
Good things come to those who work!

Our Mission

10.4 Exists for one reason, and that’s to constantly challenge and lead our members to achieve the highest level of sustainable fitness they can reach, and have a great time doing it!
10.4 is a fantastic gym and is ideally located. Head trainer Josh has managed to create a gym that has a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for all fitness levels. I've trained with Josh for almost 18 months now and his knowledge and expertise is unmatched, his driven and passionate about all his clients and gym members. Awesome trainer, awesome gym and as an added bonus, I've been able to make some new fitness friends along the way, I couldn't ask for anything better!! 🙂
Chloè-Dawn Hunter
I was referred to Josh through a friend and it was life-changing. The gym is fully equipped with state of the art cardio and weights, the classes are all inclusive and extremely motivating and Josh is incredibly knowledgable and able to tailor the exercises to any ability. Highly recommended for anyone needing a new environment and that extra push to improve the consistency of workouts. Thanks Team!
Alexander Houston
"The best gym experience in Brisbane! I’ve always felt very overwhelmed when choosing a gym and don’t like a space that makes me feel uncomfortable or that I’m being judged by others. 10.4 Fit is the absolute opposite and I always look forward to my PT sessions with Josh. He is a phenomenal trainer, who genuinely cares and motivates to drive results. The space is great, a nice vibe and I’ve met some great people there too! It’s a win all round!"
Kristina Neal
"Great gym and Josh is an amazing trainer! He really puts in his 100% every time to ensure best outcomes for his clients. It’s been a real pleasure working with him and getting to know him more as a friend."
Rahul Puri
"I felt very welcomed when I first arrived at 10.4 fit. The location, staff, equipment and centre is all 5 stars! It was not a hard choice choosing them as my gym for the months i am staying in Brisbane."
Julie Nystuen

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